3D Printers

ProFluidics 285D

The newest addition to our line-up is the ProFluidics 285D, a high end DLP printer with 4 million pixel projector technology and a build size of 100x62x120mm. It’s distinguishing feature it is dynamic pixel advantage which allows the printer to reliably achieve a XY pixel resolution of 28.5um; it is able to take the cube-like structure that is prevalent with DLP prints and find the best curve to fit to create a smoother, rounded out surface finish.


The most trusted DLP printer format is the M-Series that has a 1080x1920p micromirror array projector providing over 2 million individual mirrors. It is available in three format options: the M50 format which has a build size of 57x32x120 mm and a XY resolution of 30um; and a M80 format which has a 80x45x120mm with an 41.5um XY resolution and the M100 with an X:Y resolution of 53um.

P-4K UHD Series

The leading DLP printer format is the P4KUHD that has a remarkable 3840 x 2160 micromirror array projector providing over 8 million individual mirrors and it is the only native 4K-UHD printer available on the market.  It is available in two format options: the P4KUHD 250 format which has a build size of 250 x 140 mm and a XY resolution of 65um; and a P4K-UHD 120 format which has a 120 x 67 mm with an industry first of 30um XY resolution.

Pr Series

The new Pr 4K-Series is a highly stable and economical desktop printer. This printer comes with everything you expect when purchasing a printer from CADworks3D. It can print devices at high resolution with better performance than ever. 

– Fast print speeds (4cm/per hour)

– Open Source System

– Industrial Grade Superior UV Optics & Light engine

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