P-4K Series

μMicrofluidics Edition P-4K UHD Series 3D Printer

8.1 Million Unique Pixels

Native 4K UHD Projector

P4K UHD Series

The leading DLP printer format is the P4KUHD that has a remarkable 3840 x 2160 micromirror array projector providing over 8 million individual mirrors and it is the only native 4K-UHD printer available on the market.  It is available in two format options: the P4KUHD 250 format which has a build size of 250 x 140 mm and a XY resolution of 65um; and a P4K-UHD 120 format which has a 120 x 67 mm with an industry first of 30um XY resolution.

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4K UHD Series

  • 4K UHD Resolution: 3840 X 2160 pixels
  • Up to 30µm accuracy with a printable volume of 120x67x190 mm
  • Open system: Compatible to diversified materials and 3rd party software


4K UHD µicrofluidics


Projector Type

Number of Native Pixels

Build Area

XY Res.

Z-Layer Resolution


Ideal Printing applications

Size and weight

P-4k UHD 120

True Native 4K UHD 

8.1 Million Pixels


30 μm

5 μm to 500 μm

365/385/405 nm

Exceptional resolution, ideal for encapsulated chips and molds for PDMS requiring printed features as small as 60μm

82X79X200 cm / 305 KG

P-4K UHD 250

True Native 4K UHD

8.1 Million Pixels


65 μm

5 μm to 500 μm

365/385/405 nm

Larger print area with uncompromising resolution, ideal for microfluidic connectors, encapsulated chips, PDMS device and prototyping requiring printed features as small as 100μm

82X79X200 cm / 305 KG

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