ProFluidics 285D

Key Features

Giving Users Control

Open software control that allows users to access all printing parameters, providing ultimate control of print cycle. Open materials system that allows users to use available 385nm resins.

Advanced Training & Support

Targeted advanced training and support to meet your needs and ensure your success with the 3D Printer

Dynamic Pixel Advantage

A one-of-a-kind projector technology provides a dynamic XY pixel resolution of 28.5µm, allowing for smoother three-dimensional curved surfaces as compared to available DLP Printers.


Standard Printer

1. Distinct checkerboard pattern on the printed surface

2. Cannot accurately complete paths that bisect pixels

3. Cannot accurately complete paths that bisect pixels

ProFluidics 285D

1. Significantly reduces texture and noise on printed surface

2. Resolves shapes in line with the original design

3. Smooth, well-rounded curves

Master mold For PDMS

Design and print master molds, with features as fine as 50um, in under an hour. An ideal solution for casting PDMS devices without the need of a clean room.

3D Print Clear Microfluidic Device with 100µm encapsulated channels

Encapsulated Devices

Print clear microfluidics devices with encapsulated channels, as small as 80µm (XY), with surface finish and transparency allowing for easy evaluations.

Biocompatible Resin

Print bioscaffold provides spaces up to 1400μm for better delivery of nutrients and oxygen needed by the cells.

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