3D Printer Built for Microfluidics

Design, print and assess your microfluidics parts within your lab.


Designed and Calibrated for your Industry.


Built for Reliability and Efficiency

Superior Finish

High Quality Prints with a Smooth Finish


Best Customer Support in the Industry.

CADworks3D Printer

Bring 3D printing to your company to increase productivity & reduce costs

Optimized LED DLP Light Engine

• Dedicated LED DLP light engine • Fine-tuned 3D printer to a wavelength of 405 nm, which is the optimal wavelength needed to cure the vast majority of the 3D printer resins


• A 3D Printer is as good as the support available when needed • Support is our specialty and we are the best in the business • Support is available 5 days a week during business hours • Support provided on weekends and holidays upon request

Cost Effective

• Eliminate out-sourcing • Print with ease • Outstanding Design & Performance • Print in-house • High ROI

Industry Leading Open Source 3D Printer

• CADworks3D Printers are the world’s truly open source 3D printer • Reduce cost by using 3rd party resins of your choice • No hidden cost, licensing fee and lowest cost in industry for replacement parts

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