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The ProFluidics 285D and the H-Series 3D printers are designed for microfluidics. These printers push past the capabilities of conventional 3D printing platforms to deliver even the most challenging microfluidic designs with ease.

The ProFluidics 285D is our top-of-the-line 3D printer for Microfluidics with a dynamic XY of 28.5µm a print area of 110x62x120mm and a 4 million pixel projector.

The machine also comes with a 385nm projector allowing you to use Biocompatible resins.

The H-Series is our Best Entry level which is ideal for research teams looking to get into microfluidic 3D printing. This machine has two configurations namely the H50 and the H80 giving you XY resolution of 30µm(H50) and 41.5µm(H80). The H-Series comes with a 2K projector.


﹒Advanced training and Support Included for a lifetime

﹒No calibration required
Materials system allowing you to use any compatible 385/405nm resins

﹒Professional Curing Unit included with the 3D printer at no additional cost

﹒No Software and Fees! 

﹒Get access to our Master mold Resin for PDMS and Clear Microfluidics Resins