μMicrofluidics Edition
H-Series 3D Printer

The CADworks3D µmicrofluidics H-Series is the successor to the very successful M-series 3D printer that was launched 4 years ago. It comes standard with a state of the art native 2K light engine and is available in 385nm or 405nm projector options. With a wide range of options in XY resolution and build sizes, the H-series is the go to 3D printer options for microfluidic researchers worldwide.

Variable X:Y Resolution

The H-Series comes with the option of 30 to 78 microns X:Y Resolution.

Clear Chip CADworks3D

Multiple Wavelengths

The H-Series come with the choice of 385/405nm light engines.

Variable Build Areas

The H-Series comes with build area ranging from 57x32x120mm to 110×57.5x120mm. 

Image 2 microfluidics droplet and encapsulated

Open Source

Being a Open Material 3D printer, the H-Series can print using 3rd party resins/materials.

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Native Pixels

Build Area

XY Res.

Z-Layer Resolution


Ideal Printing applications


1080x1920 HD

2 Million Unique Pixels


30 μm

5 μm to 500 μm

385/405 nm

Exceptional resolution, ideal for encapsulated chips and molds for PDMS requiring features as small as 60μm


1080x1920 HD

2 Million Unique Pixels


41.5 μm

5 μm to 500 μm

385/405 nm

High resoultion with a large print area, ideal for microfluidic connectors, encapsulated chips and molds for PDMS requiring printed features as small as 80μm to 100μm

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