The CADworks3D H-Series 3D printer is a base model printer for microfluidics with variable X:Y resolution options ranging from 30 to 78µm and corresponding build platforms ranging from 57x32x120mm to 80x45x120mm. The printer is an open materials system and is a low-cost and easy-to-maintain 3D printer suitable for research institutions. Users of CADworks3D H-Series 3D printer have exclusive access to Mastermold for PDMS resin, which enables them to print molds for casting PDMS devices with fine features as small as 60µm. In addition, users can utilize the Clear microfluidic resin to create clear devices with encapsulated channels as small as 400µm.

Variable X:Y Resolution

The H-Series comes with the option of 30 to 41.5µm X:Y Resolution.

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Multiple Wavelengths

The H-Series come with the choice of 385/405nm light engines.

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Variable Build Areas

The H-Series comes with build area ranging from 57x32x120mm to 80x45x120mm.

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Open Source

Being an Open Materials System, the H-Series can print using 3rd party resins/materials.

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