Replacement Film (H-Series & M-Series)


(H-Series) Product ID: CW3D-A-RFH

(M-Series) Product ID: CW3D-A-RFM

Replacement sheets fully compatible with all CADworks3D Printers and all re-branded Miicraft Printers.



(H-Series) Product ID: CW3D-A-RFH

(M-Series) Product ID: CW3D-A-RFM

2023 Phase-Out Notice:

As of June 30 2023, the CADworks3D H-Series/M-Series Vat and the Replacement Film (H-Series & M-Series) has been discontinued. These items will be available as supplies last. For alternatives, please see the PR Vat V2 and the Replacement Film (PR Vat V2)



This Replacement Film is compatible with the following vats:

  • CADworks3D H-Series Vat
  • CADworks3D M-Series Vat

Please note that the sheets may not appear clear in the photo due to double sided cover that is required to be removed before use.



Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 23 × 5 cm