With the Cadworks3D μmicrofluidics 3D Printer, researchers are now able to 3D print devices for a number of microfluidic applications such as High-Throughput Devices, Lab-On-A chip, PDMS Master Molds, organ on a chip, BioScaffoldings and many more. With our extensive knowledge in the industry and working with top research companies and universities, we are able to provide our users with the support they need to become industry leaders.

High-Throughput Devices

Watch how 3D printing has changed the workflow of PhD candidate David Philpott at the Kelley lab, University of Toronto. 

PDMS Master Mold

3D print Master Molds for PDMS applications with features as fine as 50µm resulting in glass-like transparent PDMS devices with no primer required. 

Lab-on-a chip

3D print lab-a-chip (LOC) devices with incapsulated channels up to 150µm.  

Image microfluidics droplet and encapsulated


Using the Cadworks3D 3D printer’s open source feature, users can use any 3rd party bio material to 3D print bioscaffolds.

Biosensors Housing

Watch how 3D printing has changed the workflow of PhD candidate Surath Gomis at the Kelley Lab, University of Toronto.

P-4K UHD Series
Pr-series cadworks3d

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