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Bring digital dentistry to your clinic

Take advantage of our experience in the application of Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology. The CADworks3D Dental Printer provides clinicians with the ability to reliably and accurately print dental (parts) in daily production. With the world’s Best Open Source Technology, the CADworks3D Dental Printer can take advantage of all available dental materials to 3D print partial dentures, surgical guides, crowns, bridges, veneers, working models and more. 

Best in Class Support

The key difference between a general multipurpose off-the-shelf 3D printers and CADworks printer is knowledge & support. A general multipurpose 3D printer will come with general knowledge & support. The CADworks3D Dental Printer has been specialized for dental applications and the support will be provided by our 3D printing specialist. 

Lowest Running Cost​

No hidden costs, no software update fee, no licensing fee and the lowest cost in the industry for replacement parts.

Increase Productivity​

CADworks3D Dental Printer allows you to Eliminate outsourcing. With its outstanding design & performance dentists have zero downtime and can print with ease, allowing you to design & print in-house.

Cost Effective​

CADworks3D Dental Printer is the world’s foremost open source 3D printer, allowing clinicians to modify every possible aspect of 3D printing.  This allows clinicians to save consumable costs by using any 3rd party 3D resin, rather than being restricted to one supplier’s proprietary materials.

Customer Support​

A 3D printer is only as good as the customer support available when needed. Support is available 5 days a week during business hours by phone and a dedicated ticket system. We provide support after hours and holidays on request via email. (Support is our speciality and we are the best in the business)

Compatible with various Dental Software​

The open source CADworks3D Dental Printer will allow .STL & .SLC file format from various dental software platforms to be printed. This makes CADworks3D Dental Printer to be a part of their existing digital dentistry workflow.

All in one Dental Solution​

With the CADworks Dental Printer you can easily print Castable Material, Aligners, Crowns & Bridges and Surgical Guides.

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